Maximize the Middle
Take a shorter path to a good job

What is a Middle Job?
Middle Skills (more than high school, less than bachelor’s degree) + Middle Class Income (over $35,000 a year)
Half of all Jobs
paying middle-class wages are middle jobs.
Where Are the Middle Jobs?*

Blue collar – 32%
Office, managerial and professional – 25%
Sales and office support – 22%
Healthcare professional and technical – 9%
The rest: STEM (science, technical, engineering and math) – 6%; Food and personal service – 5%; Community services and arts – 1%
How Much Do All Middle Skills Jobs Pay?

14% $75,000 or more
25% $50,000 -$74,999
23% $35,000 – $49,999
38% $34,999 or less
How Do You Get a Middle Skills Education?*

Employer training
Industry certificate
Postsecondary certificate
Associate’s degree
• These avenues can overlap. For example, industry certifications and employer training are pursued by workers at many levels of education, and apprentices are sometimes awarded a postsecondary certification upon the completion of a program. Your community college may offer some or all of these programs.
Some of the Fastest Growing Middle Jobs

Public relations specialists
Marketing and sales managers
Financial service sales agents
Dental hygienist
Computer network architects
Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

Career and Technical Education: Five ways that pay along the way to the B.A., September 2012, Georgetown Public Policy Institute