Houston Community College and ATEC Training & Certification Services, LLC are teaming up to prepare students quickly for jobs in the electrical, utility and production industries.

Electrical Work Safety Management for Safety Professionals training begins in March 2018 on HCC’s Northeast Campus.

ATEC, experts in preparing students for industrial careers, will teach a 16-hour program involving face-to-face training for electrical and instrumentation/electronic personnel working in hazardous areas, either with or without NEC 500 experience.

Successful completers will receive a COMPLEX ExF NEC500 Foundation certification.

Students looking to enter the electrical service/technician field are recommended to take this course.

Besides specialized training in the Electrical Work Safety Management for Safety professionals course, “The partnership with ATEC will introduce students to a world of industrial career paths and opportunities,” says HCC School of Continuing Education Dean Dr. Terry Kidd.

ATEC training binds theory and practice allowing trainees to experience the routine of a normal worker and acquire a set of values and attitudes that help them grow professionally and individually.

“We are pleased to work with HCC to provide hazardous area courses for electrical students entering the energy industry, to enhance and enrich their experiences while growing competencies for the industry,” announced Nick Mair, ATEC vice president.

“This is the first of its kind of hazardous area course integration into the college system,” Mair said. “Further advanced courses are extended by the Academy at the Eaton Experience Center, which offers world-class industrial training in an innovative 55,000-square-foot facility representing a manifestation of global trends within the industrial space.”

Students of the Electrical Work Safety Management for Safety Professionals course will be not only educated in the electrical field, but learn how the craft integrates into the refinery, utility and production industries as well.

ATEC employs a highly effective workforce, offering a wide range of services not only to the drilling contractor and production market, but also skill sets and experience in the renewable energy and construction market.

They provide inspection, engineering, fabrication, training and maintenance services for an ever-changing industry.

ATEC is accredited to and maintains ISO 9001 quality certification standard from DNV Quality Evaluations Incorporated, and is approved as a service supplier by both ABS and DNV.