The following enrollment checklist provides you with the necessary steps you need to complete in order to be admitted and begin classes at Houston Community College:

Step 1: Apply for Admission

Complete an online application at
Students are encouraged to use the Program and Course Finder to search for information on HCC continuing education certificate.

Step 2: Apply for financial aid and/or scholarships

Even though you think you might not qualify, applying for financial aid and/or scholarships may help determine what resources are available to assist you with your educational goals. Apply at

Step 3: Register for courses

HCC offers lots of certificate programs to choose from. Find the one that is the best for you and get started. Some courses require orientation, immunization, and information sessions. Check out the individual programs pages at to what is required for your desired program.

Step 4:  Pay your fees

There are several options available to you for securing payment for your tuition and fees. Please review the options below and ensure that payment is applied prior to the payment deadline for the semester you are registering for. Visit for a complete list of cashiers, including contact information.

  • Financial Aid / Scholarships: Financial aid such as loans and grants are available for eligible students through federal and state programs. Scholarships are also available for eligible students who meet certain criteria. Even if you think you may not qualify, completing applications for financial aid and scholarships may help determine what resources may be available.
  • Online Payment in Full: Log in with your student account and pay your full tuition and fees online, without the trouble of waiting in line to pay in person on campus.
  • Installment Payment Plans: HCC makes education affordable to students. Students have the option to pay tuition and fees in full or installment. HCC offers installment payment plan to students.
  • Forms of Payment: You can use a valid Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express card to pay your full tuition and fees. You can also use a debit card with Visa or Mastercard logo but not a non-USA credit card. You may also pay online via check.

Step 5: Prepare for your first semester

Obtain your photo ID card:
Student Identification (ID) Cards are available once a student has registered and paid for classes. Your Student ID Card will be needed for library and computer lab usage, at offices providing student services, admission to college activities, and voting in campus elections. ID cards are nontransferable and are to be held only by the students to whom they were issued.

Obtain your parking permit:
All HCC students are required to display a parking permit on the dashboard of their cars. At this time there is no charge for parking at most HCC locations and parking permits are a safety measure so that HCC Police can recognize your vehicle as one belonging to a registered student.

For general questions regarding Admission into our college, you may contact our School of Continuing Education Call Center at 713-718-5303.